What is L.E.A.P?


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L.E.A.P is an acronym that serves as the goal for our children’s ministry here at Jamestown.  Below is what each each letter stands for and a brief description of how we hope to meet it.


L is for LOVE
We LOVE the children of Jamestown.

*We Protect the Children*
* We Invest Time, Energy, and Finances*
*We Focus on Outreach*

E is for ENGAGE
We want to ENGAGE the Children of Jamestown.

*We Make it FUN!*
*We Train Our Leaders*
*We Use Age Appropriate Curriculum*
*We Create a Kid-friendly Environment*

A is for ACCEPT
We want the children of Jamestown
to ACCEPT the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*We are intentional about sharing the Gospel*
*We look to share the gospel with the parents of our children*
*Our leaders are equipped to share the gospel*
*We want to train the children to share the gospel on their own, before they move up to the youth group of JBC*

P is for Praising Jesus
We want the children of Jamestown to have opportunities to PRAISE Jesus through worship

*We incorporate worship into the children’s ministry*
*We use music, drama, and audio visuals to promote worship*
*We want the children to learn to share their story*
*We want to prepare the children for their move
up to our youth ministry*